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Tuesday Tapes

Oops I almost forgot

does it still count as Tuesday???

this one is going on the record for sure.  it’s maybe my favorite song i wrote lately

NY Showz etc


December 29th (tomorrow) – The Living Room (Lower East Side)  11:00 PM.  No cover charge.

December 30th (the day after tomorrow) – Spike Hill (Brooklyn)  11:00 PM.  No cover charge.

January 5th – Rockwood Music Hall (Lower East Side) 7:00 PM.


The free Upperville show was a huge success.  We even ran out of chairs!  Thanks to everyone that came.

At home for today.  Visiting Salt and Pepper, my cats.  I wanted to bring them to NY but they are country cats and they love running around outside and brutally murdering small animals.  I couldn’t bear to lock them in a small apartment.  Especially with weirdos like me and Brett!

Leaving for Brooklyn early tomorrow morning.  Show in Manhattan tomorrow at The Living Room, a REALLY REALLY cool venue.  No cover charge, swing by!!!  I think there may be a one-drink minimum though.  See you there.

Tuesday Tapes

Virginia Is For Hoverers (Part One) B-Side

DownloadPeople On The Street


FREE SHOW Saturday in Upperville, VA!  Just me and a piano.  Bring the family for a fun day-after-Christmas activity.  Imagine a nice country drive down 50 to Upperville – inside Buchanan Hall there will be songs and laughter merriment.  Or should I say Merrittment?  Donations accepted.

Have A Merritt, Chris Mess

I just finished a Christmas song!  It’s free for download.  Merry Christmas!!!  Grab it here at thesixtyone.

It’s called Lonely Christmas Eve and it features Melissa Hansen on girl vocals and Brett Ripley on percussion.  And also it features me on Jangly Bells.

Tuesday Tapes

The Internet finally came to my house today!

Don’t forget to watch this cartoon and download this free album.

classic radio hits



Click here to get the new freeeeeee album

The newly released definitive compilation Chris Merritt – My Life In Melody:  Greatest Radio Hits (2007-2009) represents years of explosive radio hits and genre-shattering staples from the dynamic Chris Merritt songbook.  Explore one of this generation’s most well-respected and colorful international sensations.

But seriously, here‘s a bunch of free songs that I threw together on an iTunes playlist.

Actually I made this thing so that I, or anyone, can easily refer people to some Merritt music.   I actually picked these songs very carefully.  Every track on this record follows certain guidelines; they’re each one of my very favorites, and they’re each fairly accessible to first-time-listeners, but none of them are too “poppy”  (I tried to avoid songs like North and Dance Karate and Virginia.  Not that they’re particularly poppy but they had to have this certain kind of quirkiness to get on this comp).  Also, all the songs tend to be on the shorter side.  I’ve done radio edits of three songs (Madison, Bleach, and Cruise Elroy).  The record I think stands on it’s own and has it’s own atmosphere too.  I’ve been fine-tuning it for over a month now.

This record isn’t necessarily for the adamant fan, but rather for the adamant fan to show his friends.  It’s an easy place to refer people to.  I’m trying to expand my little tiny indie future world non rock-star following.  Oh, by the way, send this thing to everyone you know.  Twitter it.  Facebook it.  Email it to your dad and mom.

1  I Don’t See You Here  – from Virginia Is For Hoverers (Part One) (2009)
2  Madison (edit)        – from Pixie And The Bear (2008)
3  The Long Road         – from Pixie And The Bear (2008)
4  Arizona               – from Pixie And The Bear (2008)
5  Bleach (edit)         – from Pixie And The Bear (2008)
6  Flightless            – from Demos Of Nod (2009)
7  Tarmac                – from Virginia Is For Hoverers (Part One) (2009)
8  The Singularity (1998)- from Demos Of Nod (2009)
9  Cruise Elroy  (edit)  – from Pixie And The Bear (2008)
10 The Beautiful Ms. Parker And I Approach The Singularity – from Demos Of Nod (2009)
11 Los Angeles           – from Hello, Little Captain (2007)
12 The Cult Of Karl      – from Pixie And The Bear (2008)
13 The Palace Flophouse  – from Hello, Little Captain (2007)
14 Sugar                 – from Demos Of Nod (2009)

If you haven’t seen the new animated video yet well then I just don’t know what you’re doing with your life

Tuesday Tapes

DownloadSuch A Long Time Ago 2

DownloadTell Ya What

Don’t forget to check out the new animated music video for Cult Of Karl by Steve Pick.

New best-of album here for free.  Tell your friends and mom.

cult of karl animated music video extravaganza!!

Not too long ago, I wrote a song called The Cult Of Karl, which was on the record Pixie And The Bear (2008).  It’s a song about an obscure radio show about a reluctant and brilliantly strange British man who is friends with a well-respected British comedian and taller well-respected British comedian.   The song is a summary of the incredible Karl Pikington’s absurd philosophies.  I wrote the lyrics almost exclusively to entertain myself and I’ve performed the song for hundreds of confused people all over the world.

ANYWAYS, check it out.   So then this insanely-talented English superhuman named Steve Pick wrote, directed, and animated a music video for the song….all by himself.  It’s……well, I don’t even have words.  It’s simply phenomenal.  Layered, clever, funny, touching, pretty, and absolutely perfect.  Ok, well I guess I do have words.

ANYWAYS, check it out.  Here’s the world premiere of the coolest thing ever.  If you have no idea who Karl Pilkington is, click the links under the video.  Here she is, boys and girls.

Karl Pilkington 101

(prerequisites:) Click here first, then here

(now pilkington) then here, then here, then here, then …. okay, coffee shop closing (I thought New York never slept??).  I’ll leave you to explore more Pilkington media.  I promise you that it’s worth it.

Oh, and in the meantime, you can get your copy of the new FREE album here.  I’ll do a post about it, but not right now.  I don’t want to spoil the moment.  Congratulations Steve!


Earlier I was surrounded by these tough guys at the coffee shop.  There was a huge, six-and-a-half-foot tall guy with long hair, who only spoke one or two words, both Serbian.  There was a shorter, thick guy with dark features who talked constantly.  “Buddy, you like a computer guy, huh?  You know if a stolen computer can be traced?  Like an Apple laptop, could you trace one of those?”  Me : “Why, did you get your computer stolen?”  Short guy looked at tall guy and they both started laughing.  He said “Yeah, right.”  I gave him a twenty-second footnote on serial numbers and security software.  “Wow, huh?  That’s amazing.  You must be one smart guy, huh?  Hey, you know anyone that needs a computer?  You need an Apple Laptop?  You need a computer?”  “I’m more of a PC person.” “Hey, where you from?  You from PA?  VA?”  “Virginia.”  “Yeah, you’ve got that laid back, humble attitude.  I like that.  You’ve got a really good attitude about you.  You want something to eat?  Let me buy you a coffee here.  You helped me out a lot.  You need a sandwich or somethin’?”  “No thanks, I’ve been here all day.”  “You know a lot about computers, huh?  What do you do, you a computer guy or somethin’?”  Etc. etc.  So I tried to get out of there as quickly as possible while still seeming chill and nonchalant.  Then, when I was leaving, “Hey, where you going?” “Gotta work in an hour.”  “Hey, listen, you need anyone beat up or anything?  We can take care of that stuff for you.  You got anyone you want to beat up?  You just come to us.”  Yeah, so anyway, that was pretty freaky.  Oh, and also really really cool.  Brooklyn, man.

So I’m trying to finish this best-of compilation.  Here’s the cover:


Then we’ll be premiering the brand new animated video that Steve made for The Cult Of Karl.  At some point, I still need to tell you about blog icons.  Wes, Dave, Heidi, if you’re reading this, call me.

UPDATE:  We may not be premiering the video\best-of comp. until tomorrow.


Hey!!!  I’m in a good mood today!  I have a JOB!!!  I’m working as a…….wait for it…….MUSICIAN!!!  ALL RIGHT!!!

The first job I can’t say much about right now.  I’ll tell you about it next week.  All I can say is that it’s hilarious.

I also had my first night as a working piano player in New York City last night!  I played at this place in Manhattan, in this Hotel/Restaurant that should be named The Silly Bezilly Rich And Fancy Place For Really Rich People.  I wish they would let me name these places.  Anyway, it was awesome.  I played old jazz standards in a suit and tie for old millionaires.  And they paid me for it.  I walked out of that palace of marble into the breathtaking lights of midtown Manhattan feeling on top of the world.


Oh, and also, when I was just leaving, this thirty-something, tall, millionaire-stock woman ran out of the restaurant yelling “WAIT!!  WAIT!!  COME BACK!”

Me:  …huh?  Me?

Lady:  I left you something in the elevator!

Me:  You…what?  (I walk closer, realizing she’s had an adult beverage or two)

Lady:  Wait, you’re not Charles!!  Where’s Charles?

Me:  Umm…..what’s he look like?  Me, presumably?

Lady:  He looks like…. (her face hardens and her tone becomes serious) …he looks like….a monster.

Me:  Allright, if I see him, I’ll um….have a nice night!

I’ll never know what she left in the elevator for Chuck.  Maybe she just farted in the elevator.

Oh, and I also got a job through a temp agency, that I agreed to before these music jobs came through.  My job next week is sitting at a desk in a giant skyscraper pretending to do work eight hours a day.  And I’m not being tongue-in-cheek.  This company is paying to have people look busy so it gives the impression to visiting investors that they have more going on than they actually do.  It sounds like something from a Chuck Palahniuk novel.  It would be a great job to have as the worst they could ever do is pretend to fire you.

At the coffee shop.  A couple Serbian tough guys are currently pestering me about buying stolen computers.  Time to go to the library.  Today I’ll try to get the best-of up and cult of karl up.