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Cult Of Karl places in a UK Songwriting Contest


Apparently my mom entered a couple of my songs in the UK Songwriting contest.  Out of five-thousand thousand entries, Cult Of Karl was one of the four songs that placed in the indie/rock category – cool!  Thanks mom!  She also entered Avery and something else, which apparently almost placed too.

Check out the contest results here and the video on the contest’s YouTube account here.  Half of the credit goes to Dustin Hofheins for his amazing bassline on Cult (I love that bassline) and Steve Pick for his amazing animated video.

There was one grand winner in each category and three runners-up.  Cult Of Karl was the runner up in the indie/rock category.  And the winner?  Amazing – an eleven-year-old girl named Daniella Salone won with her song Good Thing which is unbelievable.  It would be a great song even ignoring the fact that a young child wrote it and recorded every instrument!  This girl is awesome.  She can write better than almost every adult ‘songwriter’ I’ve met.  If this chick keeps at it, she will be truly great.

Tuesday Tapes

This song is in fetus stage but it will be a huge hit, I can hear it in my head:

DownloadTalk A Lot

It’s a pretty short one, so here’s an oldie called Dr. Jerk:

DownloadDr. Jerk

Tuesday Tapes minus 25 hours


DownloadLightning Station


Merit Worthy

Here’s a magazine article about myself.

I remember talking Cassandra’s face off for like an hour, so she must edited about 97% of my inspired ramblings.  Anyway, thanks for the great and awesome article Cass!  Mind if I call you Cass?  It’s kind of close to Ass though huh?  Well, forget it I’ll just stick with Cassandra.

In other news, I’ll be playing Relay For Life in Charlottesville VA on Saturday!  I’ve never really played C-Ville but this is for a great end:  eliminating cancer from the human race.  Come walk and hang out.  I’ll be playing two gosh darn sets!  I think the only real and final solution to cancer will have to do with manipulating genes or nano-bots.  Really.

Here’s a song I made.   I Don’t See You Here from Virginia Is For Hoverers (Part I) (buy it here, fools)

DownloadI Don't See You Here

Science Songs Saturday

I will be playing tomorrow (Saturday) night at Local 269 (which is on the lower east side on Houston) at 8 PM.

I’ll be playing mostly acoustic and I’ll be doing all science-themed songs!  Come by for an hour of hard science and hard drinks.  And rock music as well.  Plus, you get a free disc of all my science-themed songs!  Yeah, I know, I’m a nice guy.

Physics, biology, astrophysics, famous scientists…..maybe some history and computation thrown in as well.  Oh, and also science-fiction songs.

You know,

  • The Turing Machine
  • Anti-Bird (Little Bird)
  • The Singularity
  • Sequel
  • Sanctuary
  • Sarah And The Fabric Of Reality
  • The Beautiful Ms. Parker And I Approach The Singularity
  • She-Wolf

You know, stuff like that.  Maybe some Magical Stones and some I Don’t See You Here thrown in.  Am I forgetting any?


tuesday tapes minus 25 minutes

I drove to VA to work for my dad and his landscaping company.  When times get tough I turn to shoveling animal crap over people’s lawns for money.  Anyway, I wrote some new semi-songs on the old piano in the basement, but I was too lazy to record them.

However, I’ve been hooked on these old Paperface b-sides lately…it’s cool to be able to look at this stuff with more objectivity now.  I think Paperface was objectively a damn fine group.   I didn’t write good lyrics, and sometimes I made up lyrics on the fly, and I didn’t worry about singing well or playing the piano well, and we were still a good group.  Probably mostly due to Tristan and Jake, come to think of it.

DownloadYour Space



I also organized my whole catalog of music.  The grand total is:

  • 500 songs on early Chris Merritt tape demos
  • 4 official Chris Merritt albums
  • 21 albums of newer Chris Merritt demos
  • 5 Paperface albums (one of b-sides)
  • 3 Upperville songs!

I feel like I’m just getting started in my writing.  I’ve been listening to lots of Rimsky-Korsakov and Vaughn Williams and Berlioz and I think there is much to be done!

tuesday saturday tapes!


Delays on tapes, this week has been busy!  The show at Rockwood was awesome.  We were done and it was still light out.  But the finest people in the city all came out.

Then I got a job doing grunt work for the UK Embassy in NY.  I worked with a couple of the guys from Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch or something.  Bleedin’ cockneys they were.  Sweet blokes they were and a couple of cheeky bastards.  Why do I always end up around these Limeys?  First the gig at Le Caprice (a London restaurant) and now this.  Where are they all coming from?  Did they all just get here?  They still sound like they’re straight out of Layer Cake.  My slow American brain has trouble keeping up with them.  I think it’s the universe telling me to get my Elton John ass to England.

Here’s some little demos I recorded at a new Yorkman’s house:

Chris Merritt: The Newsletter

I thought I would post the newsletter for all to see.  If you don’t subscribe to the newsletter, now is the time.  Wes sends ’em out about every three weeks, and he takes it to an art form.  Use the simple sign-up button to the right of this blog.

jpegLong time no spam, eh?

The Piano Boy has been hard at work since the last time I filled your inbox with my poetic drivel. He has also been pummeling his lazy newsletter guy with insults and fists.

‘But, Wes! You aren’t lazy!’ you are surely screaming at your computer monitor. ‘You’ve been busy judging low-budget video contests, coming up with clever newsletter quips, and kissing on sexy girls all day long!’

While all of these things are true, I’m willing to admit that I’ve been the slightest bit sluggish in getting these new updates out to you.

First of all – the Low-Budget Video Contest deadline is being extended to May 11th.
We here at Chris Merritt HQ certainly aren’t strict with deadlines, so please send me an email to let me know if you’ve got something in the works that may take you past the new deadline. More details on the original contest are available here, and some awesome examples that have already been submitted are here.

In other news, Chris has a few shows coming up that he wants you to know about. And, while he won’t openly say it to you guys – he dreams of one day playing to a room full of fans dressed in anthropomorphic costuming. Want to make him smile? Get everyone to show up dressed as cats and dogs.
I. Am. Not. Kidding.

– 5/4 – Rockwood Music Hall – New York, NY – 7pm, 21+ (LIMITED EDITION CD!)
– 5/15 – Local 269 – New York, NY – 8pm, 21+ (ACOUSTIC SET + LIMITED EDITION CD!)
– 5/22 – Monticello High School – Charlottesville, VA – 8pm, All Ages
– 5/29 – the Wheel House – Narragansett, RI – 10:30pm, 18+
– 6/3 – the Bitter End – New York, NY – 9pm
And make sure to follow Chris on his @chris_merritt Twitter account. He told me that if he can get 1,000 followers, he’ll stop using his pillowcase full of bar soap to ‘inspire’ me to write more of these.