from you Fridays

Here’s a nice cover of Baby from Stan.  Here’s a great interview with Ted from Craig’s Brother, my favorite band of all time.  Ted talks about our recent collaboration, which I hope I can share really soon.  Here’s a cute video for Dance Karate, and the original demo version of Dance Karate, too!

Send me a text at (801) 683-9826 (8016 TEXT CM) and I’ll answer any questions you have next week!  They can have to do with music, science, daily life, or how to get girls.  I don’t guarantee good/accurate/not dumb answers.  Alternately, you can send me a Tweet or come to my house.

One Thought on “from you Fridays

  1. did you see this street view – it’s amazing! I can see you climbing in the upstairs window!

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