de mo


I just found this insane little Cruise Elroy demo from over a year back.  It was lost in a sea of demos, bits of songs and production for the record that is coming out March 2014.  I just emailed it to the band saying ‘MEMBER THIS??’ and then I thought ‘I COULD SHOW THE INNERNET’ (warning: this is rough and sketchy and I think I was making some lyrics up on the spot)

I hope no one in the band minds that I am posting this.  If so, please just send me a text with the code phrase “Don’t send the monkey to space”.  If you want me to keep it up.  Otherwise if I don’t receive that phrase in 24 hours I will assume that you wanted me to take it down.  I like to keep things simple – that’s just the way I roll, baby.

One Thought on “de mo

  1. Nice! Eventhough it’s a rough, I like the way it’s going. Looking forward for more.

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