If there are advanced civilizations out there in deep space, are there ways to see them from Earth?

Super Cosmology Brain Face Scientists are already close to being able to examine the spectral output of a planet or star, and can extrapolate what chemicals are being emitted.  We can use this info to find symptoms of civilization, or life.  If I had to bet, I would put my money on this method being how homo sapiens eventually discover life.  But what about the shape of an entire galaxy?  What if some people out there have become advanced enough to manipulate their own galaxy for energy?  We’re talking a crazy amount of years of technological evolution beyond humans ‘n’ what not.

There is something called the Kardashev scale (made by Nikolai Kardashev) that determines the energy consumption of civilizations.  Type I civilizations harness the energy of their home planet.  Type II, their entire solar system, and Type III civilizations harness the energy output of their entire galaxy.  Human society is a Type I civilization.

Here are some galaxies with strange, unexplained properties.  They’re probably all natural formations, but Star Trek TNG addiction has me in an imaginative head!  Imagine… there’s the smallest chance… we could be looking at a galaxy that contains an advanced civilization… or a handful.  Check out these amazing galaxies and skim over their Wikipedias.  You will be astounded!!

Number one – meet me in my ready room.

Hoag’s Object

IC 1101

Malin I

NGC 2770

NGC 4650A


Cygnus A


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  1. Christopher McCulloh on November 15, 2013 at 3:56 pm said:

    Hoag’s Object: AKA, the Eye of Sauron

    Space is so awesome…

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