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Here’s a breakdown of the current track listings on some of the projects I’m working on (as of today, anyway!)

Cruise Elroy:

EP1 (get it here for 5 bucks, and help us on our journey to release the album!)

  1. Shorty
  2. The Fever
  3. Tarmac
  4. Feminine Mind
  5. Rain King
  6. The Fever (clean edit)

EP2, which will be released over the holidays, is a bit tentative at the moment as we work out tracks and finalize mixes

  1. Killer(?)
  2. Sisyphus(?)
  3. Amelia(?)
  4. Ghost(?)
  5. ??

The Cruise Elroy album will be coming out March 20, 2014, and the track order as it stands now is as follows:

  1. Coney Island
  2. Shorty
  3. Blinddog
  4. Baby Sleep
  5. Sisyphus
  6. Bi-Polar
  7. Flow My Tears The Policeman Said
  8. The Beautiful Ms Parker And I Approach The Singularity
  9. Ghost
  10. Do You Believe
  11. Anthem For Evolution

The Future Caveman record is shaping up like this:

  1. Piano
  2. White Light
  3. The Game
  4. Geronimo
  5. Finally Free
  6. Pan
  7. Koala
  8. No Name
  9. Medicine
  10. Epic Jamb

I’ve also been writing and demo-ing a bunch of new songs.  There are 100 or so at this point.  Think I’m going to record a batch and release for free at some point.

2 Thoughts on “Track Listing

  1. Michael on November 12, 2013 at 3:18 pm said:

    Hi Chris,

    Just wondering if you plan on releasing a full-length version of “Your Moment”? Some months ago you released a portion of the expanded song, and I’ve been waiting with bated breath ever since for the full release!

  2. No Jitterbug?

    The fact that The Fever didn’t make the album is absolutely criminal. So stoked to hear the new material.

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