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Merry Christmas

Chris Merritt – Songs I Wrote During My Visit To The Land Of Make-Believe

(songs removed – check out the store for more info on the re-titled Demos Of Nod, including 5 free tracks!)






News Report

In the sound and the fury of moving to Faulknerville, unpacking, and finishing this new record, I have neglected to keep up with my own news (and, for that matter, updating the website in general).  There’s some really sweet things happening, too, so read on!

Stephen Groo Video

A very special man lives in Provo, UT.  His name is Stephen Groo, and he is a filmaker, and something of a cult figure.  He is the founder of Utah Wolf Productions, and the creator of over 120 films, including full-length movies, trailers, and music videos.  His community of fervent fans include Jack Black and genius Jared Hess.  If you are new to the world of Stephen Groo, I highly suggest visiting and watching some videos NOW!  Just click on ‘Productions’ and then click on any of the custom logos.  As an introduction, my recommendations would be:  Tale Of Mermaids (fantasy), Major Tom, Lollipop, and Hypnotized (music videos), and Challenge Of Faith (drama).

When I was introduced to Stephen’s creations almost two years ago, I too joined the legions of Groopies that just can’t get enough.  It soon became my dream to one day have a Stephen Groo-directed music video of my own.  Well, two weeks ago, that dream became a reality.  My actor friend Wes Nease flew from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City and starred in a music video for Dr. Jerk – directed and edited by Stephen Groo himself.

Enjoy.  I know I did!

Weezer + Piano

An attentive commenter named Alex kindly informed me that Rivers Cuomo of Weezer was looking for a pianist, and taking YouTube submissions.  I think I entered mine too late (the ‘video response’ option had been disabled already), but I’m still happy with it and it was fun to do.  Check it out here.  I think I look a little fatter than I really am in this.  I mean, I’m fat, but not that fat.  I think it’s the flowy shirt I had on.  Just a warning.  Anyway, THANKS ALEX!!!  Huge kudos for that one, mate.

Mom’s Music Video

And yet another on the growing list of Chris Merritt music videos is the new Tower Of Sand video, made by none other than my wonderful mother.  My mom has many hobbies, and one of them is dressing up animals.  She is notorious and feared among the feline community.  She is referred to among pet dogs as “The One Who Cannot Be Named”.  And now, putting all her talents and video editing skills together, she has filmed, edited, and animated an amazing music video for Tower Of Sand.  Check it out here.  At times it reminds me of Disney, and at times it reminds me of Tim And Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job.

I guess now I know where I got the creativity from.

Israeli Write-Up

I thought this was really cool.  From Tal:

You won’t be able to read it ’cause it’s in Hebrew, but I recommended your music to a guy who writes a column about cool indie music in a Israeli news site. He published a recommendation about you as ‘artist of the week’. You can check it out here,7340,L-3640817,00.html

Thanks Tal!!  Man, and I thought Japanese was hard.

Okay, well, I’m sure there are more news items, but that’s all I can think of for now.  More updates soon!  I’ll get back into the flow of updating the site, I promise!  New Year’s resolution.



Hi guys, HELP!

Hey there!

I hope everyone’s digging the new site! Don’t be afraid to comment! I’d really like to hear from you.

Other cool additions to the site:

  • a bunch of free songs for listen/download on the Songs page
  • lyrics, so you can read while you listen
  • links to YouTube videos and other music sites where you can listen
  • extra demos
  • a new Images page
  • a videos page, featuring the beautiful Mimic video made by Rollo-Tony, and a video I made as a small child
  • Tour Dates
  • Chris’ Blog, which will be updated every day with a mind-warping post involving physics, comedic videos, drawings, or some of my songs that I recorded in my room in my underwear.

Speaking of the Chris’ Blog page, check it out! I just finished a post about Einstein’s famous discovery of mass-energy equivalence.

The first seven shows of the tour have been great! SEGO festival in Provo was complete insanity. Thanks for everyone that came and went nutty. Check out the official SEGO website to see what it’s all about and for some mind-blowing videos.

COME AND SEE ME IN YOUR TOWN!!! The band and I are going to be on tour for 6 or 7 more weeks, and we NEED YOU TO COME AND SEE US!!! Bring friends!!! Bring your mom!!! Bring Pep-Pep and Nanna!

Take care now!