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Papered Face

My old band, Paperface, has come up in conversation lately in one form or another.  Here’s one off our record The Legend Of Harley Knowles.  It’s called Darkside.

Someday, I want to re-release this record.  Jake Thro did some awesome mixes that need to see the light of day once more.

Black Star

Newly discovered black hole rips apart a star.

Here’s what the inside of our galaxy, which has a supermassive black hole in the chewy center, looks like.  This galaxy, this galaxy, and this galaxy have black holes in the center.  We can observe over 200 billion galaxies from Earth (with technology) and there are thought to be 300 billion more in our “observable” universe.  Most, if not all galaxies have supermassive black holes in their centers.

This is an amazing version of a great song by Radiohead called Black Star.

Nice Bright Colors

Waits For It

This man is the ultimate performer.