SORRY Boston :(

The Boston show has been cancelled due an unfortunate family issue.  Sorry to anyone who was planning on it…..

We will try to book a Boston thing soon.  We’ll get the word out a little sooner, too.

What can you expect from Chris Merritt in the near future?

  • big, big, awesome stuff
  • more damn blog posts
  • lots of great new music
  • a new band name???  maybe!  come back tomorrow evening



Utah a puddy-tat.

Today is Friday.  I will NOT be playing a show.  Tomorrow is Saturday.  I WILL be playing a show! :)   In a park.  With some people.  We will be grilling.  Beautiful.

It will be EPIC.  $10 gets you admission and burgers (Al-grilled Super-Burgers), hot dogs, chips, and drinks!  As if that wasn’t enough, you also get a SIGNED Chris Merritt drawing!  Also, 10 bucks helps ensure that we can do this again soon.  We’ll have a massive, face-evaporating sound system.  Again – EPIC.

Orem, UT, 670 W 165 S behind Mountain View High School.  On the park.  Follow the music.


Text your questions to 1-801-6-TEXT-CM!

question: do you have any love ballads or straight up love jams i could sing to my kick-ass girlfriend?

I think so.  How about Donna?  Sugar?  Um.  Avery?  You could sing her Avery and just change the name.  Also, I’ll write you one right now:  Baby!  You’re just my little love-child.  Lately!  I want to pat your butt, child.  Mate me!  You’re hot and kind of smart, girl.  Baby!  I hope we never part, girl.

I think that will do nicely.  Just strum a few chords along to that and thank me in the morning.

I now believe that Helen Thomas is one of my new heros. Do you know…is she still alive?

According to Wikipedia, yes.  She looks like she’s about 2,000 years old though.  I didn’t know anything about her.  Now I do.  Thanks for the random learning!

When are you coming to provo?!

Christopher. Provo wants your body back within its borders. Come satisfy our need for Merritt music!

Dear chris merritt, i know funds are low but are you planning on playing in utah any time soon? It would be nice… Your fan, jess

July 15!  That’s in two weeks! Can you believe it?  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Chris – you are awesome! Please play in raleigh sometime. Also, the website does not let me sign up for the merritt list.

Hmmm.  It should work now.  I hadn’t paid the Merritt List bill in months.  Everyone see the new Newsletter by Wes?  It’s absolutely genius.  Make sure you sign up today!  Wes writes ‘em and I sends ‘em.

Text your questions to 1-801-6-TEXT-CM!!

Chris Merritt (that’s me) LIVE. New York, Utah, Boston, Virginia, Maryland.

Utah Jazz fans!  Utah Rock fans!  Utah Jazz-Rock-Piano-Grunge-Sissy-Punk fans!  After about fifty thousand nagging requests from the Salt Lake/Provo fans, Chris Merritt (that’s me) is coming back to town.  It’s been a while.  I’ve missed you.

I’m also playing my favorite East Coast venue Night Cat in Maryland really soon!  Start getting the word around.  Here are all the dates:

July 10, 2011Richmond, VAThe Camel
July 15, 2011Provo, UTChris Merritt Memorial Park (to be announced)
July 23, 2011Boston, MAMcGann's
August 4, 2011New York, NYThe National Underground
July 8, 2011Easton, MDNight Cat

Kooky Comix

Jake found some of my old comic strips on his computer from the Paperface days.  I was pleasantly surprised that some of them still made me laugh.

Surreal, perverse, and crudely drawn, Kooky Comix was rushed out weekly on MS Paint.  It’s the anti-comic for the lazy.  Here are some of my favorites:


A Quick Thought About Robuts

Listening to some tools on NPR talk about robuts (Zoidberg for ‘robots’).

The main robut dude (he was a DUDE who was into ROBUTS, not a robotic dude) was talking about how he didn’t think that there would ever be robuts or AI who would surpass the intelligence of humans. Both show hosts chuckled in tool agreement, and so, another enormously complex, significant, scientific issue was put into a nice NPR package.

I’m not knocking NPR. Well, yes I am. But I like it, and a lot. It’s really the only radio besides classical that I can listen to without suddenly exploding. It’s just that, I don’t quite get the tone. Everyone talks like a subdued librarian. And everyone seems to have to agree and maintain a strange sterility. They are the opposite of outspoken. NPR shows often often A. draw pink-ribbon, prophetic, generalized conclusions on the subject at hand or B. make things digestible and less interesting. It’s like listening to my grandma talk about punk rock.

Hey, wait a minute. I’m not even talking about NPR. I’m talking about robuts.

So anyway, this robut man said he couldn’t imagine robots ever reaching human capacities because he’s seen all the problems that arise when building robuts. It’s hard to get them to do stuff. Read More …

Tuesday Tapes in 3D – Jitterbug

Blow And Strippers

I had some free time yesterday and I edited this video together. What fun.

It features the demo version of Such A Long Time Ago, which I was singing along with, driving in beautiful springtime Virginia. I like the chill-ness of the demo version, but the explosive-ness of the final version.

Tuesday Tapes – Now In 3D!!

A song tentatively titled Bi-Polar!

A song tentatively titled Tentatively Titled. I mean, All The Way.


Whoa, lots of text questions to answer!  Thanks for all the awesome questions!  Keep sending them in at 801-6-TEXT-CM!!!

Funmail questions! You’re an amazing musician, and your music is simply beautiful. That being said, I have some questions for you: Pirates or ninjas?

Ninjas yesterday.  Today, pirates.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

The original 3 Star Wars are a whole perfect Universe.  My friend and I, who’s name I will not disclose (Jake Thro) watch them all in a row sometimes. I’m convinced the campiness of Enterprise was genius.  Next Generation is best.  The new movie sucked.

Kubrick or Hitchcock?

Kubrick is a fav.

Mac or PC?

Read More …