A Quick Thought About Robuts

Listening to some tools on NPR talk about robuts (Zoidberg for ‘robots’).

The main robut dude (he was a DUDE who was into ROBUTS, not a robotic dude) was talking about how he didn’t think that there would ever be robuts or AI who would surpass the intelligence of humans. Both show hosts chuckled in tool agreement, and so, another enormously complex, significant, scientific issue was put into a nice NPR package.

I’m not knocking NPR. Well, yes I am. But I like it, and a lot. It’s really the only radio besides classical that I can listen to without suddenly exploding. It’s just that, I don’t quite get the tone. Everyone talks like a subdued librarian. And everyone seems to have to agree and maintain a strange sterility. They are the opposite of outspoken. NPR shows often often A. draw pink-ribbon, prophetic, generalized conclusions on the subject at hand or B. make things digestible and less interesting. It’s like listening to my grandma talk about punk rock.

Hey, wait a minute. I’m not even talking about NPR. I’m talking about robuts.

So anyway, this robut man said he couldn’t imagine robots ever reaching human capacities because he’s seen all the problems that arise when building robuts. It’s hard to get them to do stuff. Read More …

Tuesday Tapes in 3D – Jitterbug

Blow And Strippers

I had some free time yesterday and I edited this video together. What fun.

It features the demo version of Such A Long Time Ago, which I was singing along with, driving in beautiful springtime Virginia. I like the chill-ness of the demo version, but the explosive-ness of the final version.

Tuesday Tapes – Now In 3D!!

A song tentatively titled Bi-Polar!

A song tentatively titled Tentatively Titled. I mean, All The Way.


Whoa, lots of text questions to answer!  Thanks for all the awesome questions!  Keep sending them in at 801-6-TEXT-CM!!!

Funmail questions! You’re an amazing musician, and your music is simply beautiful. That being said, I have some questions for you: Pirates or ninjas?

Ninjas yesterday.  Today, pirates.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

The original 3 Star Wars are a whole perfect Universe.  My friend and I, who’s name I will not disclose (Jake Thro) watch them all in a row sometimes. I’m convinced the campiness of Enterprise was genius.  Next Generation is best.  The new movie sucked.

Kubrick or Hitchcock?

Kubrick is a fav.

Mac or PC?

Read More …

New MUSIC page is here!!


After many hours and weeks of work, lots of learning HTML, CSS, and Java Script (the first thing I did was learn what those things are), and digging through the ol’ Chris Merritt filing cabinets,  I’ve put together a new MUSIC section on the webbed site.

It is MENTAL.  It’s all there.  The last 6 Chris Merritt albums UP FOR FREE LISTENING.  I’m so excited for you to see it!  Check it out here!  http://www.chrismerrittmusic.com/blog/sounds.  You can also just click on “MUSIC” at the top of the ‘ol blog!

The new MUSIC page features:

  • The last 6 Chris Merritt albums with every track free to listen to!
  • Facebook “like” your favorite tracks – the song will appear on your Facebook wall with a little player!
  • Lyrics for every track!
  • Fun Facts on songs, including original demos, behind-the-scenes info, videos, and more!!  (Check out the info on The Cult Of Karl for example)
  • Album art BERSERK!
  • Easy links to iTunes and the Chris Merritt store to buy tracks!
  • ….and so much more!!

There’s a bit of a loading time for the pages, so be patient.  I’m using Firefox 4, Google Chrome and Safari and it seems to work decently, with an annoying like 7 or 8 second loading time.  Also, there may be some kinks to work out still, so if you catch any wrong links, let me know!

I know what you’re thinking.  “Chris, you sweet little hairy man.  You’ve not only given us a mind-blowing amount of undiscovered, hip, cerebral rock-and-roll music over the last few years, but now you’ve put everything online, in nice little tables, with fun little buttons to press.  How can we ever pay you back for this priceless gift?  HOW, PLEASE, TELL US???”

Thanks for asking.  I do it all in the pursuit of objectively beautiful art and accelerating technology. Well, OK, there is one thing you could do, BUT ONLY SINCE YOU ASKED… Find your favorite tracks.  Share the music on your Facebook wall.  You can also use Twitter, LinkedIn, or just send the URL to a friend (those are up as well, by the way).  This is something of an experiment – I haven’t seen any artists do exactly this kind of thing, and I want to see what happens.  I want to make it easy for people to explore the music and get it out to the Universe.

Time for a baff, I’m beefin’, innit.  (Time for a shower, I smell unpleasant, don’t I?)

LOVE, Chris.


I’m making a MUSIC VIDEO that is really beautiful and also GHETTO!!!  I just remembered I’m actually working on TWO or THREE or FOUR music videos!!!!! ALSO I am making a new MUSIC SECTION for the website – it will have ALL my stuff available for STEAMING.  I’m going ABSOLUTELY NUTS with the CAPS today.  It’s because I am SO EXCITED ABOUT LIFE.

Here’s some BIG NEWS:  We are playing a SHOW this FRIDAY at the MONTAUK MUSIC FESTIVAL!!!!!  SEXY!!!!!!!  We will be on at 8:00-9:00 PM at Sole East and 10:00PM – 12:30 AM Manucci s / Tipperary.

Here’s a FUN SONG!!!!! Such A Long Time Ago by ChrisMerritt


Send me a text at (801-6-TEXT-CM)!

What would you name a daughter? -Pat

Hmm.  I don’t know.  Definitely not Mary Marie Merritt.  That would be a horrible name.  Good names:  Danielle,  Heather,  Samantha,  Hanna.  Avoid names:  Bertha, Agnes, Gertrude, Gundula.

do you play weddings?

Yes!  Well, sort of.  I don’t really do typical wedding cover songs and stuff.  I also don’t want to freak out grandma.  But if you want a real, genuine Chris Merritt show at your reception, I love a Merritt wedding.  You also have to give me some money in exchange, or at least some free champagne.  Merritt weddings have been huge successes in the past.

Send me an email if YOU would like me to play your wedding, special event, or run-of-the-mill event, and we’ll talk! contact@chrismerrittmusic.com

i dont know what im doing or if you’ll get this or if this is fake or if im alive but if you are chris merritt and you’re reading this, your music is the best thing to have ever come about in this world in all of time. i can’t even comprehend

Man that’s awfully sweet.  And good news.  You’re alive!!!!
Working hard on a new ‘MUSIC’ section of the site – I can’t wait.  Almost done!  All Chris Merritt songs to stream, many to download, and you can “share” everything on the faced books and the twisters.

News + Tapes = Napes

Do you like upbeat, rock-and-roll-styled music concerts?  If you said “yes” to any of those question, come to New York City tomorrow night and watch my band sing all your Chris Merritt favorites!  Songs!  Want some info for the gig?  It’s at Bar East Ale Hous which is located on the Upper and Eastern side of New York City.  It will be at 9:30, PM.  Here’s the event on facebook and here is the tour page!

Goofin’ around in a piano lesson yesterday:


Here are some pretty bitches I found:


DownloadOn My Own


Doin’ comics about my heroes.  Last week was Frank Black Francis.  Here’s a nuther:

It’s hard to fit everything I like about these guys in a single comic.  They take freakin’ forever to draw as it is.  Here are some links.

This is the best talk-show appearance in the history of man, and I’m not exaggerating (watch till the end):


Norm did the roast-thingee of Bob Saget.  One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life.


Unfortunately, most people don’t really seem to understand satire, including the deceptively named channel Comedy Central, who cut his brilliant performance from their actual show.

Norm explained later in an interview: “There was nothing outrageous in that at all. It was the opposite of outrageous, but a lot of people didn’t get it, even though it was a simple grade- two arithmetic concept. People thought I was mentally ill or something. It just occurred to me, because I didn’t really want to do it and Bob kept asking me to do it. And the producer told me it should be shocking. I watched a tape of it and saw everything on it was vulgar and filthy, so I thought the only shocking thing to do was the antithesis of that. So it’s pretty simple.”

More favorites:

Early stand-up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV4Bpgia8vM

New stand-up: http://youtu.be/_gC7KIdxyUs

Weekend Update:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pcj6AZMJvyE&feature=related

The View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otai1BhLSSM

Dirty Work (my favorite comedy film):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPXVCiT9rZU&NR=1

Geez, there’s lots.  The hours I’ve wasted away watching Norm MacDonald interviews.  Now I’m doing it again looking for good videos….ENOUGH!!  Back to work!!!!  Those songs ain’t gonna write themselves, now are they???  Although they probably will in the not-too-distant future.  Damn Kurzweil.