Papered Face

My old band, Paperface, has come up in conversation lately in one form or another.  Here’s one off our record The Legend Of Harley Knowles.  It’s called Darkside.

Someday, I want to re-release this record.  Jake Thro did some awesome mixes that need to see the light of day once more.

Black Star

Newly discovered black hole rips apart a star.

Here’s what the inside of our galaxy, which has a supermassive black hole in the chewy center, looks like.  This galaxy, this galaxy, and this galaxy have black holes in the center.  We can observe over 200 billion galaxies from Earth (with technology) and there are thought to be 300 billion more in our “observable” universe.  Most, if not all galaxies have supermassive black holes in their centers.

This is an amazing version of a great song by Radiohead called Black Star.

Nice Bright Colors

Waits For It

This man is the ultimate performer.

Cure Cancer… Sure We Can’t, Sir?

A German research center has developed a virus that seeks cancer cells and destroys them.  Phenomenal!

This is what I don’t understand.  Humans are capable of huge feats of problem-solving, right?  On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced his goal of sending an American to the Moon before the end of the decade.  At the time, it seemed impossible.  But as creative and ambitious, positive and science-minded Americans, we delivered.  We had no answers at all, but we believed in science, hard work, and the infinite possibilities of the human condition.  And yet, in these times of even greater potential, we seem negative, and even spiteful of progress and science.  We see progress causing problems, and we turn to superstition, instead of solving a whole new host of challenges.

I want to see a leader announce the death of cancer by the end of the decade.  Not a near-cure.  Not a pretty effective therapy.  A complete, quick, easy, inexpensive cure for the most dangerous disease humans face.  It doesn’t even seem that far a stretch – not even close to putting a human on another planetoid.  We already seem to be making fascinating headway.

I want to see a population of people excited about progress again.  Excited about the human spirit.  Excited about saving the lives of millions of conscious beings.  And, in the meantime, it would also conveniently solve some of our economic problems.  It would also teach us new incredible things about human health, what diseases are, and how chemistry can create life as we know it, on this beautiful, lonely, blue marble hurdling through the cold vacuum of space.

Not All Scientists Are Cox

But this one is.  Everyone should watch this.  I promise it will entertain the hell out of you and also you will look and feel much smarter.  Notice how human apes have peered into the smallest and largest reaches of reality using creativity, problem-solving, and mathematics.  An it’s all yours at the clicky of a thingy.

Careful, though, the nerds are angry.  (PS, I think it’s cool that these physicists made this video.  I hate the top comment.  People don’t understand that in science, arguments are constant and interesting, and lead to new conversations and discoveries.)

Cloning Jeff Goldblum

The rumor:  Billionaire Clive Barker is planning to clone a dinosaur from DNA and keep it at a high-end resort.

Some other guys are pretty sure they can clone a Wooly Mammoth.  Although I’ve been hearing about that for years.

We’ve already cloned plant life - extinct since the Ice Age until the appearance of problem-solving apes.

In related media, here’s a great Jeff Goldblum impression. (fixed thanks Garrett)


Permanent Press

The Mommyheads play their amazing song Washing Machine.  This is a live take shot in Sweden.

Here’s an interesting fact about this song, straight from the mouth of Adam Elk, lead singer.  Apparently, there are no interesting facts at all about this song.  Amazing.

expand your mind!

Future Cavemen - A virtual bacteria now exists, and it’s a perfect copy of a real bacteria.  -/ Researchers observed surprising complexity after they created a living Frankenstein jellyfish. -/ The human race is discovering more and more potentially habitable planets (at least more habitable than Canada). -/  This company just got 37 million bucks to make human organs on microchips….wha?  Long story short, they hope to alleviate the need for animal testing.  Good news for science and good news for ethics.  Which, by the way, is no coincidence.

Fresh Beetzthis song and video makes me love music and makes me want to stay in the studio all night making some techno.

Retro Cut – Art Blakey with Clifford Brown AMAZING!!!


last Chris Merritt show

The last Chris Merritt show will take place on this coming Saturday, in quaint Purcellville, Virginia.

The second-to-last Chris Merritt show will take place on this Friday, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

After that, Chris Merritt the band will cease to exist.

I urge you not to miss the finale. Details about Saturday’s show are here and details about Friday’s show are here.